Student Assistant: Knowledge Graph about Board Members of Dax-30 companies

Student Assistant

Information on the members of the Executive Board & Supervisory Board of Dax-30 companies is available via various Channels. The Internet in particular makes it possible to collect a variety of different information. However, this information is often unstructured and does not show any connections. In Germany, many persons are members of the supervisory or management board at different companies at the same time.
In addition, supervisory and management board members are often accused to have a great network and to get their friends or former colleagues on the board. The major aim of this work is to show those connections through collecting, structuring and visually presenting the data.


• Data extraction (structured & unstructured) from different sources such as Wikidata, DBPedia, Freebase, SEC, …
• Transformation and loading of data into a database.
• Creation of a graph database and explore the connections between entities.
• Network analysis.

Please contact Prof. Dr. Harth, Andreas and Julian Grümmer if you are interested.

This position is closed. (15.08.2020)