Student Assistant: Self-Organizing Scenarios (MOSAIK)


In the BMBF funded research project MOSAIK we are investigating methods for aggregating software components in a flexible and self-organized manner. Therefor we need some exemplary self-organization scenarios (e. g. ant colonly foraging, self-organizing traffic lights, etc.) to be implemented using our Framework (including our Linked Data processing system Linked Data-Fu.


  • Starting date: At earliest convenience
  • Hours per month: 20h – 40h


  • Implementing interesting self-organization scenarios
  • Possibly additional tasks in the scope of the MOSAIK project

Beneficial Skills

  • Familiarity with the concepts of self-organization and emergence
  • Familiarity with Linked Data, RDF and other Semantic Web technologies

Please contact Daniel Schraudner if you are interested.