[MA] Developing a Modelling Language for Team Design Patterns to Represent Human-Agent Collaboration

Start: 15.01.2023

End: 30.06.2023

Type: Master thesis

Student: Tomas Hatas

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Andreas Harth, Christian Fleiner

Abstract: With the continuous improvement of technologies in the last years, the collaboration between the human and Artificial Intelligence has gained in importance. However, the complex concept of the human-AI collaboration makes it difficult to understand for the broader spectrum of the stakeholders.
This thesis clarifies a concept of the visual notation for the Team Design Pattern which enables to capture graphically the aspects of the human-AI collaboration at an abstract level. Then, the visual notation is put into practice to find out whether it is possible to capture different examples related to the human-AI collaboration from various scientific papers. It has been discovered that some aspects of the collaboration are not depicted with the current visual notation.
The objective of this thesis is to capture the relevant aspects of the human-AI collaboration by new modelling language. Moreover, the Team Design Patterns are defined in the context of the human-AI collaboration.