[MA] rdf2table2rdf: An Automated Round-trip Approach from RDF to RDF via Tabular Representation

Start: 26.02.2021

End: 27.09.2021

Type: Master thesis

Student: Sruthi Ravichandiran

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Andreas Harth, Daniel Henselmann

Abstract: The volume of data being published on the Web and made available as Open Data has significantly increased over the last several years. To bring such data, which are mostly heterogeneous in nature, from varied sources in the context of Linked Data, the data undergoes multiple levels of data cleaning and transformation techniques to achieve a descriptive RDF-based result set. Though it is almost always possible for expert users to directly deal with incorporating changes in the RDF, this approach is not intuitive for lay users who are also oftentimes involved in making any contributions or modifications. Hence, this thesis focuses on conceptualizing and developing rdf2table2rdf, a tool-based automated solution, providing an interface to map the graph-based RDF representation to a tabular structure allowing users to edit the data in the table, and enabling them to save the changes back to the RDF data set.