Student Assistant: Integration of Bluetooth Low Energy Devices with Linked Data


The Chair of Technical Information Systems has developed software that provides a Linked Data interface for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices. The so-called BLE-adapter runs on a Raspberry Pi and allows the integration of BLE-devices in bigger Semantic Web applications by offering a REST API. The major aim of this work is to reverse-engineer the protocols of BLE-devices which will help us to support those by our software.


– Starting date: As soon as you can.
– Hours per month: 30h – 40h


– Reverse-engineering of vendor specific BLE-protocols.
– Documentation of the results in a Linked Data format.
– Search for new, interesting BLE-devices that could be integrated into our system.
– Reporting bugs of the BLE-adapter.
– (Optional) Fixing bugs in the BLE-adapter

Beneficial Skills

The task can basically be done by any student with a connection to computer science. However, there are some skills that have a positive effect on an application:

– Attended the Foundations of Linked Data lecture.
– Basic knowledge of the Bluetooth Low Energy protocol.
– Experience in using command line tools.


Due to the current situation the student may conduct the work at home.
Please contact Matthias Farnbauer-Schmidt if you are interested.