Past Events

Event: Summer School on AI Technologies for Trust, Interoperability and Autonomy in Industry 4.0
Location: St-Étienne (France), Waischenfeld (Germany), St-Gallen (Switzerland), and online
Start: 26.07.2021
End: 29.07.2021
We invite PhD students and other researchers from academia or industry to apply to the second summer school on AI Technologies for Trust, Interoperability and Autonomy in Industry 4.0 (short ai4industry), in a collaboration between French, German and Swiss institutions. The dates for the 2021 edition of ai4industry are July 26th-30th, 2021.
The ai4industry summer school targets concrete industry use cases: half of the summer school is dedicated to practical work (through a hackathon) while the other half is meant to introduce the theoretical foundations underlying the hackathon’s framework.
Daniel Schraudner and Sebastian Schmid are co-organisers.


Event: The Web Conference Developers Track
Location: Ljubljana\, Slovenia
Start: 19.04.2021
End: 24.04.2021
The Web Conference Developers Track gives developers and researchers an opportunity to share their latest developments and ideas in terms of technologies and tools. Since early on, innovative contributions from individuals have shaped the development of the web, and the Developers Track aims to give a forum to such contributions. The Developers Track will be held as a mix of presentations and demonstrations during a half day of informal sessions.


Event: Dagstuhl Seminar on Autonomous Agents on the Web
Location: Schloss Dagstuhl, Wadern, Germany
Start: 14.02.2021
End: 19.02.2021
Schloss Dagstuhl was founded in 1990 and quickly became established as one of the world’s premier meeting centers for informatics research. Since the very first days of Schloss Dagstuhl, the seminar and workshop meeting program has always been the focus of its programmatic work. In recent years, Schloss Dagstuhl has expanded its operation and also has significant efforts underway in bibliographic services (the dblp computer science bibliography) and in open access publishing.
Prof. Andreas Harth is co-organiser.


Event: Summer School on AI Technologies for Trust, Interoperability and Autonomy in Industry 4.0
Location: Saint-Étienne, France
Start: 27.07.2020
End: 31.07.2020
This Summer School aims at investigating how Artificial Intelligence technologies can tackle the challenging issues of the industry of the future with respect to interoperability, data processing and autonomy, thus contributing to a trustful and responsible intelligent infrastructure. The key objective is to prototype and review solution approaches to actual problems.
The goal is to gather young talents and train them on common theoretical and practical basis by experts from industry and academia, inspired by the visions and the experience of keynote speakers. Participants will also work towards executable proof-of-concept solutions addressing requirements stemming from the industry and building on cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Agents, Linked Data and Big Data Technology. The main topics of the Summer school will be on the Web of Things, Knowledge Graphs, Decentralised AI, and Responsible AI.
Prof. Andreas Harth and Dr. Victor Charpenay are co-organisers.


Event: Extended Semantic Web Conference ESWC 2020
Location: online
Start: 02.06.2020
End: 04.06.2020
The ESWC is a major venue for discussing the latest scientific results and technology innovations around semantic technologies. Building on its past success, ESWC is seeking to broaden its focus to span other relevant related research areas in which Web semantics plays an important role.
Prof. Andreas Harth is the general chair, Dr. Victor Charpenay is the sponsorship chair.