Hot Topics in Web Technologies and the Internet of Things

Short description:

The Internet and the Web connect the modern world which makes it imperative for students to understand and apply current internet and Web technologies, but also to identify relevant challenges. Topics focus on current challenges or new software libraries that evolved. Students can propose their own topics in this field, especially when they plan to do their thesis in this field or have a startup idea. Cooperation with companies is allowed and supported. Grading is based on a final presentation that includes a mandatory video that describes the final product and displays a use case. The software project will be hosted on the Chair’s Github repository. It is mandatory to provide an installation and first step guide of the developed application.

For each semester there will be a list of topics available.

Use of the Seminar:

Bachelor WI – Seminar Wirtschaftsinformatik (5 ECTS; Studienbeginn vor 2020)
Bachelor WI – Projektseminar (10 ECTS; Studienbeginn ab 2020)
Master WI – Seminar International Information Systems (5 ECTS)


Applicants should have proficient programming skills in one general-purpose programming language (e.g. C/C++, C#, Java, Javascript or Python). The non-mandatory standard would be Python/Java for Logic, Backend Development and Javascript/Typescript for Frontend development.


Join the StudOn instance to apply for a seminar topic. All topics are listed there, too.