First Prize at Siemens WomenHackAI Hackathon

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From September 22th to 24th, Zhou Gui participated in the WomenHackAI Hackathon organized by Siemens Female Data Science Network and her team won the first prize after 48 hours of intensive work.
More than 100 people applied and 30 got accepted into 4 challenges. Zhou Gui worked at the challenge of “Automatic Text Simplification” in a team with other 6 data scientists all over the world. This challenge aims to automatically simplify poorly readable text segments in company agreements by using the state-of-the-art neural language models, such as BERT, GPT-3. Her team compared three different language models from Huggingface and OpenAI on the legal and contract documents provided by Siemens and achieved a significant readability score improvement. Congratulations to her team!