Dr. Michael Munkert Sponsorship Award 2021 for Joint Project

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Julian Gruemmer from the Chair of Accounting and Auditing (Prof. Dr. Klaus Henselmann) received the Dr. Michael Munkert sponsorship award in 2021. In his project, Mr. Gruemmer identified interconnections between members of the board of directors and the supervisory board using knowledge graphs to visualize them and analyze them in more detail.

His project involves collaboration with Prof. Dr. Andreas Harth from the Chair of Technical Information Systems. The technology of “Knowledge Graphs” is particularly well suited to collect and combine distributed knowledge. In this way, “gray areas” of possibly impaired independence or missing competencies can also be revealed. The Wirecard case is making this issue particularly newsworthy and raises the question of whether a closer look at the backgrounds of the individual persons involved should not raise suspicions.

The Dr. Michael Munkert sponsorship award is granted annually to a chair of the Institute of Finance, Auditing, Controlling & Taxation (FACT) at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. The sponsorship award is endowed with € 3,000. The purpose is to fund projects in both research and teaching.