Distributed Knowledge Graphs

Knowledge graphs are a flexible way to represent interlinked information about virtually anything. People from a variety of application domains including biomedical research, public and open data, linguistics, journalism and manufacturing publish, use and investigate knowledge graphs. As the publication is done in a decentralised fashion across the web, the knowledge graphs form a distributed system.

The increasing uptake of knowledge graph technologies presents new challenges for research and development including dealing with the scale and the degree of distribution of knowledge graphs, while monitoring and maintaining data quality and privacy. Tackling these research challenges will need a stronger collaboration within the research community and a joint effort to establish a more functional, decentralised web of data.

The main aim of the project is therefore to create a research community for deployable Distributed Knowledge Graph technologies that are standards-based, and open, embrace the FAIR principles, allow for access control and privacy protection and enable the decentralised publishing of high quality data.

To this end, the project connects European researchers and practitioners from: (1) diverse application domains and (2) the whole life cycle of Distributed Knowledge Graphs, from provisioning to finding, accessing, integrating, programming, deploying, enriching and analytics. The project will develop practices for scalable, privacy-respecting, high quality and decentralised knowledge graph publication and consumption, reach out to the European industry and formulate a research agenda.

Project duration: 23.09.2020 – 22.09.2024
Funded by: EU Framework Programme Horizon 2020

More information about the COST Action Distributed Knowledge Graphs.