Guest Talk by Ross Horne: How may Solid address privacy requirements?

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On 25th of May 2022 Ross Horne visited Nuremberg and gave a guest talk about „How may Solid address privacy requirements?“ at our chair.

Ross Horne is a Postdoctoral Researcher within the Security and Trust of Software Systems (SaToSS) research group at the University of Luxembourg who has recently been interested in using the Solid technology to build GDPR compliant software systems and thus ensure high privacy standards for Web users.

Solid is an initiative that aims to empower people on the Web by giving them back the autonomy about their data. Solid does so by discoupling Web applications from the identity of their users and the data of the users and is also used in research projects at our chair, e.g. the MANDAT project.

After the talk we had very interesting discussions between Ross and the members of our chair.

You can find the abstract of the talk below:

I will examine legal and technical privacy requirements for a systems respecting legal standards such as GDPR and security standards such as ISO27001 or Common Criteria. I examine to what extend Solid is a protocol that respects such privacy-preserving requirements, and to what extent Solid may further enable data protection. In particular, we consider how Data Subjects, Processors,Controllers, and their Data Protection Officers might expect to interact with the Solid ecosystem and how Solid may enhance mutual trust when personal data is processed.