Master Thesis: A Knowledge Graph from Financial Reports

Start: 11.01.2021

End: 02.08.2021

Type: Master thesis

Student: Pornchana Kveeyan

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Andreas Harth, Daniel Schraudner

Abstract: XBRL or eXtensible Business Reporting Language is an XML-based language that organizations use to exchange business information. While XBRL is readable by machine, iXBRL or inline XBRL has been further developed to enable both machine and human readabilities.

An objective of this thesis is to use an RDF Mapping Language tool and transform such iXBRL-formatted financial reports and other information into an RDF presentation. Subtle business and industry insights can be discovered through a knowledge graph creation. In doing this, it would allow us to further connect the graph to other existing knowledge graphs in the market. The graph can continuously generate knowledge and grow over time. The data used in this thesis is extracted from Companies House.