Master Thesis: REST Principles and IoT Protocols

Start: 01.10.2020

End: 29.04.2021

Type: Master thesis

Student: Guannan Chen

Supervisor: Dr. rer. nat. Victor Charpenay

Abstract: The architecture principles behind Web interfaces, commonly known as the Representational State Transfer (REST) principles, are often perceived among Web developers as tightly coupled with HTTP. However, it is theoretically possible to apply REST principles to any communication protocol designed to exchange application data. In particular, MQTT, a protocol designed for low-power IoT devices, may have all the necessary components to design RESTful interfaces.
The thesis should provide an evaluation of the level of compatibility between MQTT and REST and extend this evaluation to other IoT protocols. An implementation of a RESTful management layer on top of an MQTT broker may be included in the thesis as well.